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Free Greetings

How to Customize Bookmarks...


article NYSE
Web3D CONSORTIUM | Resources
VIS-SIM.ORG - [ Technical Info : Database Modeling ]


Planet 9 Studios - Number One in Online 3D
BBC Online - The Garden
Slashdot | Machinima On The Horizon
3D Spatial Models of Great Buildings - Great Buildings Online
3D CAFE FREE Models, Tutorials, Textures, Software, Plugins, Web Tools
Virtual Reality: Visualizing World Problems, Organizations, Values
Virtual Worlds at UVA
Lucid Mapping and Codex Transformissions in the Z-Buffer


VRML Galleries and Worlds
VRML Extensions - Cortona VRML Client - Products - ParallelGraphics (a 3D VRML company)
Examples - Internet Scene Assembler - Products - ParallelGraphics (a 3D VRML company)
Tips & Troubleshooting


Cluster-Based VR
Virtual Reality Archive
VIS-SIM.ORG - The Visual Simulation Portal
HotBot Directory/ Computers/ Virtual Reality
HotBot Directory/ Computers/ Virtual Reality/ Research Projects

Welcome to Virtools
:: 3Dgate homepage, your source for tutorials, reviews, and hot news ::
b3d Home
3D Artists
Infinite Fish: Seamless Textures
VStar Inc
Cyberware Home Page
Red Gypsy Animation


Slashdot | Cyc System Prepares to Take Over World
Slashdot | Creation: Life And How to Make It
A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation

Antique Web Pages


TIGHAR Home Page
Atlantis: Timaeus and Critias


Shows & Grants

The Durfee Foundation | 2001 ARC Program
2000 4th.Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival
mcmogatk - Art on the Net 2000

isometric screenshots
History of ASCII Art
JPG Image 401x658 pixels
Loop: AIGA Journal of Interaction Design Education - Nomadic Digimarking
Welcome to CEA
The 6th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition
V2_Organisation, Institute for the Unstable Media
Richard Kern Photography
Museums of Los Angeles, CA
Eames Office
dLux media arts
From Hot Concept to Hot Site in Eight Days (Web Techniques, May 2001)
Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers - [The User]
Welcome to

Audio (v3.1 beta)
ReasonStation - Connecting the Reason User Community
Slashdot | Converting Audio from Vinyl to MP3? - Search the Web for Sounds
AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio - audio processing software sound synthesis music composition vst real time effects
Music Software - Shareware Music Machine
Slashdot | Visual Analysis Of Mp3 Encoders
computer music programs . macintosh
[fmII] - Project details for Mp3toMySQL
Computational Biology : UWA Computer Science - Redirect by
AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio - audio processing software sound synthesis music composition vst real time effects
KeyKit Download Site
Sound & MIDI Software For Linux
Pure Electronica Haven @


gameBlender - Getting Rid of the Pink!
gameBlender - Animated UV Texturing
Blender Tutorial Index
gameBlender - Opening Doors
gameBlender 3rd Person Camera Basics
Another Blender Contest from tHe-IcemAn
Blender: tutorial: Controlling a Dynamic Object
gameBlender - Opening Doors
gameBlender 3rd Person Camera Basics
Blender: discussion
Blender: discussion
Blender: news: Blender 2.02
B@rt's Blender Corner
Blender: tutorial: The Blender Game Engine
Blender: tutorial
Tutorial's corner
Blender: discussion
Blender: discussion
Welcome to Michael's Blender Website!
Jan Walter's Blender Pages

Comp Science


Slashdot | Evolutionary Computing Via FPGAs : special report
Adrian Thompson's Hardware Evolution Page.
Frequently Asked Questions about Programmable Logic, FPGAs, and CPLDs

Distance and Displacement
Slashdot | Ternary Computing Revisited
American Scientist - Computing Science
Joel on Software Amateur Physics for the Amateur Pool Player
Purdue builds quantum-computing semiconductor chip
I, Cringely | The Pulpit


EFF Homepage
The Age: Copyright: your number's up
404 Not Found
3DActionPlanet - A Member of The GameSpy Network
EFF Open Audio License v1.0 (Apr. 21, 2001)

Macromedia Director 8.5 - Using the 3D SpeedPort Xtra
Director Web
category "Director/Lingo" : kumo : web programming every day
lingo paradise, macromedia director, damien cola, alliax, tutorial, director8, director8.5, help, tips, game, behavior, download, forum, programming, shockwave, artificial, life
Shock Net
Developer Dispatch Links: Director Links
Director Online
Lingo Sorcery Scripts updated for Dot syntax
A dot.sytax lesson on objects
Dot Syntax
Director Online
Macromedia - Director Support Center
Marmalade::Amplitude Xtra
DirectorU.COM | Community Center | Macromedia Easter Eggs
Macromedia - Director 8.5 Shockwave Studios : 3D Product/Service Grid
Macromedia - Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio: Moving to 3D for Director Developers
DirectCommunication Xtra Home Page
Macromedia - Director 8.5 Shockwave Studios : 3D Product/Service Grid


Dreamcast Programming
Dreamcast Programming - Software
Jules Dreamcast Development Site
Hitmen - Dreamcast Development Questions and Answers - Mini FAQ v0.1
Cryptic Allusion DCDev:
BOOB! Dreamcast Research
BOOB! Dreamcast Research
Dreamcast - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text
GNU/Linux on SEGA Dreamcast
Dreamcast Linux Distribution
Recent Changes and NetBSD News
GNU/Linux on SuperH
Hydra's World
Hydra's World
[fmII] - Project details for WeirdX
Kinox Articles: How to use Dreamcast to connect with Linux
MP3's on the Dreamcast
ModChip Sales - Dreamcast Boot CD
Dreamcast Emulation - An idea started, and still going with pride.
Dreamcast Emulation - The source for dreamcast emulation, tools and software.
Slashdot | Sega Drops Dreamcast Price To $50
Slashdot | Dreamcast Could Pick Up Inferno And Plan 9
DCGrendel's Development Site

eCommerce - Find the best bargains, coupons, and deals on Computer Hardware, Software, and Electronics.
dealnews. Hand-picked bargains.
Price Watch ® - Street Price Search Engine - Select Your Country : Marketplace Welcome - Thousands of Products at Great Prices!
Surplus and Clearance of Computer Products
Computer Surplus Outlet - Your Liquidator of Today's and Yesterday's Computer Products - Welcome
CheapBytes Home Page
UrbanComp.Com Computer Hardware @ Wholesale Prices.
WELCOME TO HITECHCAFE.COM LOW PRICE COMPUTER PARTS LIQUIDATORS. - Computers, motherboards, components, memory and more at the lowest prices in the industry!
Computer Geeks-Welcome!!
Surplus Computers: Surplus Close out Discount Motherboard CPU Memory SIMM DIMM - Motherboard Main
ThinkGeek :: Posters


eBay: Computers
eBay Listings: Hardware
eBay Listings : Servers, Workstations
eBay Listings : PDAs
eBay Listings : Science Instruments
eBay Listings : Tools, Supplies, Engines
eBay Listings : Motors, Engines
Wholesale Hard Drives and Closeouts eBay Store
eBay Seller List: babyjake11
eBay Seller List: gbrinc


Silicon Alley Jobs from @NY -- Employment Opportunities in the New York-area Internet Business | Find Projects
US-CA-Monrovia-Faculty Positions
University Work- Academic and Staff Jobs in Universities and Colleges
Human Resources: ART
Antelope Valley College, Adjunct Faculty Employment Opportunities
College of the Canyons
Santa Monica College


moock>> web>> flash
Macromedia Flash- Scripting with the Flash Player: Flash Methods
Perl::Flash - Demos - Shockwave Flash File Format (SWF) Information Center


The Official Font3D Home Page
Adobe Type Library - Adobe Euro Font
Type Euphoria - 1000+ Free Fonts


KaleCo Auto Navigation
MegaTokyo - relax, we understand j00
Marty's Bidness Cards
Slashdot | Amusing Job Titles for Business Cards?
Drive-In Theater : The definitive resource of drive-in theater information.
BBC News | UK | Chess legend 'plays the web'
"Neither Great nor Small" by Chuang Tzu


BBC News | SCI/TECH | Humanising technology

Level Editors
The Forge: The Official Worldcraft Editing Site
Valve ERC
Prospect Vector : Tread


The Pennsylvania Court Observer


Slashdot | GPS Drawings
GPS Drawing.index
Peter Bennett's GPS and NMEA Site
Peter Bennett's GPS and NMEA Site - Magellan Support
Peter Bennett's GPS and NMEA Site - Garmin Support
Garmin Hacking Project
Wass's Cross Country Trip - Summer 2000
Logiciel pour planeurs
GPS Software from Sunninghill
Sam Wormley's Global Positioning System (GPS) Resources at ISU
Gardown page
SourceForge: Project Info - gpstrans
Project details for Garble -
GARMIN: Communication Protocol Interface Specifications
GPS Receiver Information, Software, and Hardware Reviews of Garmin, Lowrance, and Magellan
Hans' Personal Home Page
The GPS Resource Library
WinCE GPS Software
GPS Utility
GPSU Things to do
Favorite Freeware, Shareware and Commercial Software
GPS (and related) Software for Linux
Slashdot | Samsung Releases GPS Phone



infoSync : Telepong to come along
Slashdot | Samsung Releases GPS Phone
::::: G.MATE :::::
Agenda Linux - Your Portable PC
Welcome to Agenda Linux --- Terms and Conditions - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text

Hpc Ce

Endeavors Technology
Windows CE Software - Home Page
Mark’s CE Offerings
Mark’s CE Offerings
General Paranoyaxc Software index
REBOL for the X Internet
QUALCOMM Internet Services/BREW

Linux Related - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text -- Projects
Greg Haerr's Microwindows and NanoGUI Page
Debian/ARM on the iPAQ mini-HOWTO
HandHeld Speech Applications
HandHeld Speech Applications
ARTrecognition for Palm-size PCs
Compaq Personal Server Project
MyLinux PLW Insider's Home Page!
Linux to WinCE -- Put some Linux in your hand -- iPAQ H3600 Pictures
PocketLinux - Downloads
Installing on MIPS based machines
PocketLinux Developers Guide v1.0
SourceForge: Project Info - Linux VR

Palmish - The Virtual Machine for HandHelds
The easiest way to program your Palm!
Palm OS: Development Tools
Handspring: Springboard Module News from

Pocket PC, Mobile Devices, Innovation
Crazy Finns Forge 3-D for PDAs
PDA Buzz / Special Report: Pocket PC 2002 Launch
The Tech Report - Landware GoType and Targus Stowaway - Page 1
Welcome to SPE!---Sony Pictures Entertainment
Slashdot | PalmOS Emulation On PocketPC
Google Search: rex 6000
REX 6000 Help Page


Abit KT7 Raid Forums - New offical KT7WZ bios released
Paul's Unofficial ABIT KT7 Motherboard FAQ
Paul's Unofficial ABIT KT7 Motherboard FAQ
ABIT BIOS Download


Ars Technica: The Cappuccino PC - Page 1 - (6/2001)
Pocket Size PC with Pentium III 700 and 256MB RAM
Let you custom configure your networking environment yet keeping the most-up-to-date technologies.
VIA Technologies, Inc. - ARM Mini-PC Intel Celeron 1GHz/ 10GB/ 128MB/ 24x CD No/OS

Business Card CDs

10 Pack Vinyl Sleeve For Business Card CD-R
Vinyl Sleeve For Business Card CD-R 10 Packs
Business Card CD-R & Mini CD-R Duplication from MRS
CD Business Card Labels
Printable Cardboard Sleeves

Diskless terminals

Making an X Terminal from a PC LG #68
Slashdot | Diskless Linux Kiosks
Linux Terminal Server Project


Slashdot | Articles | Build Your Own StrongARM Linux Computer
Slashdot:Ask Slashdot: Wooden Chasis and EMF
Ars Technica: Word to the motherboard - Page 5
The Tech Report - The art of building an Athlon system - Page 1
Build your own 1U, half-width Internet server
OC Mojo - Guides


Hack Your ePods Internet Appliance
I-Appliance BBS - Dead ePODS?
I-Appliance BBS - I did it!! Shell, desktop icons, working IE !!
Plycon Computers
MPJA - Electronic Mail Order Supplier
USB Mini Office Pro
I-Appliance BBS - Some software that still won't work...
Epods Software List
I-Appliance BBS - Epod availability?
I-Appliance BBS - Linux on the Epod

Javastation Power Supply

MPJA - Electronic Mail Order Supplier
SunHELP - help with everything under the sun
sunhelp dot org : user groups
[SunRescue] Looking for JavaStation Power-Connector Pinout
rescue Info Page

Project Hardware

I-Appliance BBS


Panoram Technologies | PV290 DSK
Panoram Technologies | PV230 DSK
3D Projection Without the Glasses
AnandTech Review: Matrox Millennium G450 Under Linux
Slashdot | PCI Card Lets You Watch HDTV (And Save To Disk)

Web Pads

Your Home Expert - Honeywell's Webpad
Welcome to eZEX

Doug Jones's punched card index

Special Hardware

Adapters & Extenders

PLASMA online - Your hardware guide
Welcome to Belkin

PCI Computers

PowerLeap--The CPU Upgrade Experts
PowerPC 750/7400 PCI Module

SBC etc.

Index to PC104 boards
Wearables Central
Matias Corporation
Advantech - Products Lines
Advantech - Products Index


Advanced Micro Peripherals - PC104 - Processors

786LCD-Flex Specification Sheet
786LCD/S page 1
Advanced Digital Logic - Embedded Industrial Computer Solutions
industrial PC,industrial computer,SBC,GPS reciver and other industrial automation need
Eurotech S.p.a - PC104 and pc104 plus modules - CompactPCI boards
WinSystems, Inc. - Manufacturer of Single Board Computers, PC/104 and STD Bus Products - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text


Welcome to Agaté Technologies - Hot Technologies, Cool Solutions!
ShopIBM - 8MB USB Memory Key
Trek ThumbDrive - World's Smallest
DataPlay - What's Playing On DataPlay
PC Engines CompactFlash to IDE adapter
USB Drives
JMTek LLC - USBDrive - The ultimate storage device.
Welcome to Agaté Technologies - Hot Technologies, Cool Solutions!
TREK ThumbDrive USB external storage device - 8MB to 512MB

Essential Reality - What We Do
VIAHardware Dot Com
Fixed frequency video cards monitors cables adapters how to


IBM Think Research | Deep Computing
IBM Research | Research Areas | Graphics & Visualization
IBM Research Weather Modelling Group
Web Visualization
IBM Research | Cross-Disciplines | Deep Computing Institute
IBM Software : Database and Data Management : Intelligent Miner Family : Overview
QBIC Home Page
IBM Research Visualization Data Explorer - Home


DigitalGlobe | Clearly the Best
JPG Image 554x386 pixels
Rick Prelinger
Internet Archive: In the Collections
Horsehead Nebula Images and Display
OPEN PHOTO LIBRARY - For the people.. . - 12 Jul 2001


The Register
Computer News: Let's Kill the Hard Disk Icon
Slashdot | The Waning of the Overlapping Window Paradigm?
Technology Review - The Next Computer Interface
PCdesktops - How does your GUI look today?
Pie Menus
Slashdot | Why Do GUI's Look the Same?
A Taxonomy of See-Through Tools
3Dsia Virtual Reality Shell
3Dwm | The Three-Dimensional Window Manager
Slashdot | 3D GUI Project


Untitled Document
MIT Media Laboratory


The Open Book Project
The JavaScript Source: Messages: Zen Phrases
Documentation: JavaScript
How To Write Unmaintainable Code
The Perl Journal
Internet Virtual Machine


PHP: PHP Manual Quick Reference
PHP: Frequently Asked Questions
PHP: Manual: PHP Manual
PHP: Manual: Ming functions for Flash
PHP: Links
PHP: Manual: Cookies
PHP: Manual: PHP Manual
[fmII] - Project details for PHPMyEdit
phpWizard - Building Dynamic Websites with PHP


Yahoo! Groups : python-ce


TP 560/E - Product information
ThinkPad Mailing-List Archive
tpctl homepage
Welcome to Paul's HTML version of the ThinkPad Assistant - UPDATED
Using a large disk in an older ThinkPad  I
Linux on the Thinkpad 560E
linux 2.0.34 (red hat 5.1) on an ibm thinkpad 560x
Linux on an IBM ThinkPad 560Z
Sven Utcke's Linux on the 701 page (16-Jan-2001)
Craig's IBM Butterfly page
Laptop Batteries & Chargers
Linux on Laptops



MARC: msg 'Re: [Re: [JavaStation & X]]'
MARC: Mailing list ARChives at AIMS
MARC: msg 'Re: [Re: [JavaStation & X]]'
UltraLinux Home Page
UltraLinux WWW Links
Questions and Troubleshooting
MARC: msg 'Re: javastation krups power supply specs? (cheap supplier)'
MARC: msg 'javastation questions'
The Official ROCK Linux Distribution
Linux on the Sun JavaStation NC HOWTO

NVidia Linux

README & Install Guide
SDB: Configuration of Nvidia-Chipset-based graphic cards (SuSE 7.0)
SDB: XFree update
SDB: Search results GEFORCE
Nvidia OpenGL Configuration mini-HOWTO
Tom's Hardware Guide: Graphics Guide - NVIDIA 3D Under Linux

Suse Re: AMD K7(Athlon) With SUSE 6.2 GPF0
SDB: Installation on hard disk drives fails using Promise Ultra100-Controller on Motherboard Asus A7V
SDB: Installation with a RAID controller
SDB: SuSE Linux installation on an Athlon-system
SDB: Installation with a RAID controller Re: ABIT KT7Raid
HighPoint Technologies-storage management solutions-IDE-RAID
Linux-Hardware Digest #781
The Software-RAID HOWTO


Los Angeles Linux User Groups
Root Prompt -- Nothing but Unix
Linux Online - Documentation
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
Linux Knowledge Portal for :: Your Source For Reviews, HOWTOs, Guides & Gear
LinuxHacker: Main Page
Michael Holve - Everything Linux (No Frames Version) - Another Nifty Linux Site - Your source for News, Reviews & How-Tos!
Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO
XFree86 Video Card/Server List
Use your old Workstation Monitors with Linux/XFree86
Welcome to LinuxApps - If you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere !!
Linux Software Encyclopedia

Building A Lo-Fat Linux Desktop
Michael Holve - Everything Linux - Linux and the PalmPilot
NewsForge | Linux 'Supercomputer on a CD'
Linux Router Project
The LinuxBIOS Home Page
Slashdot | Quicktime In Linux -- Linux iso images for RedHat, Mandrake, SuSE, Debian, Caldera, TurboLinux, FreeBSD, etc.
CheapBytes Home Page



Welcome to the Official GRASS GIS Homepage - United States Headquarters
Open GIS Consortium Home Page
Slashdot | Open Source, GIS and Data Visualization?


netViz -- tools for network drawing and information mapping
Maps of Networks: Antarctica's ASP technology for intranets, extranets, the web
Digital Cartography With Drawmap Show Map
An Atlas of Cyberspaces- Historical Maps
Internet Mapping Project
The Interverse Project
welcome to the Virtual Terrain Project
The Digital Earth
Slashdot | 3D Computer Network Maps
USGS National Mapping Information: Home Page
planet-earth - The Interactive Outdoor Guide
Karte Map Georeferencing Application
The World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness

Mechanical Insanity

Pulse Jet Engine
The jet powered beer cooler
New Scientist


Pandromeda Home
missingmatter | "Doc Mojo" Musgrave Answers Your Questions
Solar System on a Floppy
Mojotech (not only) for Bryce Users
Mojotech (not only) for Bryce Users


RS-232 Laser Transceiver
100Mbps internet access at home! Måttgränd, Umeå
Twibright Labs : Ronja
I, Cringely | The Pulpit
Slashdot | Cheap Wireless 802.11b Bridging
OpenNIC: Democratic Name System
Slashdot | Neighborhood Area Networks?
Welcome to GSM World - The Home of GSM on the Web
I, Cringely | The Pulpit
Light Reading - The Global Site For Optical Networking



BeUnited - A global initiative aimed at professionally developing and marketing the BeOS
BeBits - The Best Source of BeOS Software!
BeGroovy - News
BeNews - The Place with More Be News
The BeOS Tip Server - Home
BeOS software
BeOS-based MP3 stereo
Be in your Stereo
Gobe Software - Products
BeBits - Category - BeBits/System Files/Drivers




Mac OS X icons -
Modified Oroborus for Mac OS X
Fink - Home
Slashdot | GNU-Darwin Goes Beta
Darwin Ports, bringing FreeBSD ports collection to the Macintosh
Slashdot | MacOSX and XFree86 run side by side
Xtools for Mac OS X Pre-Beta Download
MacSlash | Looking for *NIX insight to Mac OS X



NeXTSTEP 3.3 for Intel Mach
Google Search: installing developer
Google Search: compile developer
Google Search:
Google Groups: View Thread "NS 33 Install on x86"
Google Search: 2930
Google Search: net install
Google Search: net install


No Title
Google Search: openstep laptop
OS4.2 on the DELL I5K
Google Search: laptop
Google Groups: View Thread "NS 3.3 Install issues with ThinkPad 560x"
Google Groups: View Thread "need help correctly expanding EIDE driver for initia..."
Google Groups: View Thread "Building NS onto a laptop"


Apple - Enterprise
Peanuts-Archive MacOS-X/WebObjects/OpenStep/NEXTSTEP server
The New NEXTSTEP/OpenStep FAQ -- 3.1 DNS - How to setup on NeXTstep 3.3/Openstep 4.2 in a Mixed Non-NeXT Network?
JPG Image 604x417 pixels
The PEAK NeXTStep Archive
The PEAK NeXTStep Archive: Applications
The NEXTSTEP/OpenStep FAQ -- Contents
Black Hole, Incorporated. - Top Shelf Intel 350Mhz, 400Mhz, 450Mhz, 500Hz, 550Mhz Pentium II & III Internet Presentation Workstations
Frank Siegerts Download/Link Area on This.Net
Frank Siegerts Download/Link Area on This.Net
mpg123, Fast MP3 Player for Linux and UNIX systems m68k mp3 player available, Re: Al the MP3 s are here
Google Search:

NeXT Laser Printer Information Page
Connectix Products
Nova Scotia NeXT Society
BT-948 (Narrow)
Google Search: printer apple next
Google Search: printer mac
Frequently Asked Questions About Fonts - Tell me more about NeXTstep fonts
E-Print Archive Help (pscm)
fixed frequency video card Gemini 3D for fixed frequency monitors
Google Search: - Exploring the Future of Computing
Slashdot | Linux -- Without Unix
Athena Operating System
AtheOS screenshots
AtheOS - free alternate operating system
Get QNX Realtime Platform
Slashdot | SkyOS Now Runs Linux Binaries Natively
Solaris[tm] Intel Spotlight
Solaris[tm] Product Line: Solaris[tm] 8 Free Binary License Program


giFT - General interface to FastTrack


Ted Nelson Home Page
No Maps For These Territories
Lev Manovich
Google Search: marcos novak
Home Page Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau
Jamie Zawinski
jwz's bookmarks table of contents / site map
Miguel de Icaza Home Page
Unofficial Björk Video Archive
Perry Hoberman
Kostas Terzidis
Jens Goerke's Bookmarks
Phil Hendrie | The Official Phil Hendrie Show Website


Marcos Novak & Transmodernity

Untitled Document
Marcos Novak
Marcos Novak
The Shock of the View : Response : Mark Jones
Transarchitectures: Visions of Digital Communities | Marcos Novak
Calimero - archtiecture, Marcos Novak
CIRCA Art Magazine - Art and Technology Supplement

RR & Research

Genealogical Information Prior to 1936
Interstate Commerce Commission Average Salaries 1924-1931
Mike Davis | Let Malibu Burn: A political history of the Fire Coast
The Red Cars of Los Angeles
Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California
los angeles: past present future
Main Page - Chinese American Museum in Los Angeles
Yahoo! Arts > Humanities > History > By Region > U.S. States > California
Cyndi's List - Railroads
RailroadData.Com Railroad Links Directory
RailroadData.Com Railroad Links: Stations and Depots: Page 2
California State Railroad Museum Foundation - Library & Collections
Los Angeles River Railroads
Orange Empire Railway Museum
Santa Fe Railway Building Records - Index
San Diego Railroad Museum Research Library
FreeImage - The Power of Creation -
Los Angeles Conservancy - A resource for information on historic preservation, architecture, and Los Angeles
Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Links
Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Resources
Santa Clarita History Page
California Highways ( Links to History
LA Weekly: Art Feature: Open Doors
Wallingford Fish GPS data


Tour of the Subway Terminal Area
Los Angeles Transit Page
General Motors' Destruction of California Transit Systems
The Los Angeles Museum of Railroading
Pacific Electric Subway Terminal
Pacific Electric
Pacific Electric Hollywood Subway
ERHA Member Info
Chicago Tunnel Company Railroad History
Frederic Delaitre's Lost Subways - Things to come

Introduction to Manhattan Timeformations - Books - Jane Jacobs still helping to shape cities - November 23, 2000
The Pharmakon
Links to Jacques Derrida
Literary and Critical Theory: Individual Theorists
City of Bits
E2K microprocessor presentation
Molecular Expressions: Images from the Microscope
Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery: The Chip Shots Collection
Molecular Expressions: Chip Shots - IBM Integrated Circuits - 486 SLC2
Molecular Expressions: Chip Shots - IBM Integrated Circuits - Blue Lightning
Slashdot | Interactive TV - Who Uses it? Who Develops It? - Election 2000 - Results
The future according to Dennis Ritchie
Let's Make Unix Not Suck
Lucid Mapping and Codex Transformissions in the Z-Buffer


Digital Culture

Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters || technology and culture, from the trenches Rhizome Community Campaign
EFF Homepage
GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Welcome to
BBC Online - h2g2 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Free Dictionarys Encyclopedias Books

Perseus Digital Library
Nupedia, the open content encyclopedia
GNUPedia Project - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Welcome to Mutopia

Hardware Sites

ABIT Computer Corp.
Ace's Hardware
AnandTech - The #1 Source for AMD Reviews and Information
Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast's resource
Creative Labs : Americas
Tom's Hardware Guide
TweakTown :: Computer, motherboard, graphics, memory, processor, interface, cooling and case modding and tweaking

United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page
BountyQuest -- Main Page - The Dot-com Deadpool
Ghost Sites [June 1, 2001]
Kilometer/Mile Distance Converter
SYSTRAN - Translation Technologies, Language Translator, Online dictionary, Translate English
NSI - WHOIS Lookup
Stop Spam FAQ
Fun with spammers
UXN Spam Combat
TURN.ORG - The Utilities Reform Network


Evergreen Albums
A Cautionary Tale for a New Age of Surveillance
CIA Turns to Data Mining
Slashdot | Illegal Prime Number Unzips to DeCSS
EFF Memberships, Renewals & Donations via Visa/MC
Free Speech Movement: Student Protest - U.C. Berkeley, 1964-65
Privacy Analysis of your Internet Connection -- Online Privacy Services
Free the West Memphis Three


Google Groups
Google Image Search
TheIndex Internet Search Engine. Fast, on-target results. - The Web Search Alliance Directory
Google Press Center: Zeitgeist
Teoma Search
HotLinks Guide - The Higher Quality Web Directory


TUCOWS - software, music, themes and games download sites
TinyApps.Org : Home

Content Manegment

[fmII] - Detailed release information
A resource for software marketing, software sales, and software product marketing


Entropia - The Digital Biology Project
The Golem Project - Evolutionary Design
[fm] distributed artificial life
Welcome to Gridware Software


Flexion.Org Forums
[fm] distmp3


Slashdot | Nancy Goes Head-to-Head With MPEG-4
MPEG Home Page Home Page
Media-BOX Homepage
Tom's Hardware Guide: Digital Video Guide - MPEG-4 - Copying a DVD Video to CD-ROM
FlasK MPEG Home Page
Untitled Document
Project Mayo: Confidential
DivX ;-)

Graphics & 3D

Behemot Graphics Editor
the Reptile Labour Project
[ f l o w ]
Cyberspace 3D Home Page
IsReal: A picture analysis tool
K-3D Home
SourceForge: Software Map


Linux Software Encyclopedia
Welcome to LinuxApps - If you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere !!
Linux Online - App: Blur Scope MAX
Linux Online - App: CD Jukebox
Linux Online - App: GNU Maverik
Linux Online - App: imgvtopgm
BlurScope MAX
[fm] kdem
[fmII] - Project details for VNCAudio
NextGen Player Page
Vis5D Home Page

Text Editors

Welcome to
EditPlus Text Editor, HTML Editor, Programmers Editor for Windows - Welcome!


Cluster-Based VR
Virtual Reality Archive
VIS-SIM.ORG - The Visual Simulation Portal
HotBot Directory/ Computers/ Virtual Reality
HotBot Directory/ Computers/ Virtual Reality/ Research Projects

Video in Text on Console
aaquake2 - Text Mode Quake II
Using the rawrite Utility
GollyGee Software, Inc.
Yahoo! Computers and Internet > Communications and Networking > Software > Unix Utilities > Ssh (Secure Shell)
PowerArchiver - The Ultimate Freeware Archiving Utility
Valinor: IRC Client list


The Project Apollo Archive
SpaceRef - Your Space Reference


Forms in HTML documents
Attributes form
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
Working with forms
XHTML.ORG: A source of information about XHTML


Michael Holve - X Windows Desktop w/Explanation
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